Making progress on the Japanese deal thanks to accurate translation

I’m sitting here quite happy and even smug tonight because my decision to get a proper Japanese translation service involves rather than trying to wing it is bearing fruit.

I had been concerned about how I was going to deal with translating into Japanese and understanding what was going on, and that has been borne out. If I had not had the translations done properly and I would not have spotted a small error in what we were agreeing today. That would have put things right back to the start negotiations and thankfully it was spotted because I was using a Japanese translator that was professional in terms of conversion to writing, rather than just relying on someone to help me interpret stuff as it went.

So I’m really pleased about that and it’s great to know that my business decisions are working out.

I have to say though that it is dragging things out and making these will stressful having to get the Japanese translated and I’m hoping that this is one of those rare deals, rather than something that becomes more common. It could do though because our company is expanding and looking to do deals more globally than locally. See you never know.

I’ve also been quite pleased about my diet and exercise. I’ve been jogging twice this week and I’ve done light weights twice this week as well. So that’s really good and I’m pleased that I’m making some progress on that front. I think it was beginning to worry me that I was really getting unhealthy and I’m not getting any younger.

On top of that, I suppose the back of my mind I’m thinking that how can I go into the dating world again if I’m not in good shape, that just means that I will attract somebody else is not in good shape and we will just end up spiralling downwards. That’s not what I want, I want somebody who is going to help me move upwards, and I can help them move upwards as well, if you are going to have a relationship you need to be beneficial to each other, not sink to the lowest common dominator.


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