Something tragic nearly happened today

I was at home today and working in my kitchen. I looked out of the window and saw a big van pull up opposite my house. Two men got out and one climbed up the side of the van onto the top and passed a ladder down to his mate at the bottom. They had obviously gone to do some work on the house opposite.

As he passed the ladder down he overbalanced and went straight off the side of the lorry and landed on the pavement. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt apart from what looked like a bit of lost pride. I laughed and his friend laughed as well. I didn’t think much about it until after they had driven away a couple of hours later.

I was looking at the spot where he had fallen and it occurred to me that if he had passed the van of the ladder at a different angle, he could have ended up falling into the road. And just as he fell a car had passed behind them. He may well have been hit by the car and maybe even killed. It would have traumatised his friend and me and changed a lot of lives.

Just something happening slightly differently could have transform people’s lives forever. It really made me think and I thought back to that butterfly wings ripple effect thing that people talk about.

I suppose it’s the same with many things, and it made me realise that in my mind that’s why I decided to use a Japanese translation service for this Japanese company deal. I realised that even the slightest misinterpretation due to poor translation could ripple all the way through the deal and the trust within it, so I’m really pleased that I used a proper Japanese translator rather than trying to wing it.

It’s little things like that which can make all the difference but people often don’t consider them, but I do think you have to trust your gut feeling sometimes because when it comes to things happening differently in life, I think often we forget and ignore our gut feeling which can so often be right.


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